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Environment variables

Environment Variables


The ocibuilder supports two ways of parametizing your specification file. This is either through values specified in your ocibuilder.yaml directly or through referring to a system environment variable.

Parameters are defined in the params field in your ocibuilder.yaml and refer to a destination of field to replace and the value you want the field to replaced with.

NOTE: A specific array item is referred to by index in the dest field. For example, if you want to access the first step element you would have steps.0


  # Replaces the value in location build.steps.0.tag with 0.0.3
  - dest: build.steps.0.tag
    value: 0.0.3
  # Replaces the value in location with 
  # the environment variable $BUILD_DEV
  - dest:
    valueFromEnvVariable: BUILD_DEV

If you specify a valueFromEnvVariable with a value that has not been set, a warning will be returned stating that your environment variable is empty.